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Embrace the new era of hosting events, summits, and conferences. Our proven technology enables seamless digital experiences. Leave the tech to us and captivate your audience effortlessly.
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Production a huge success

Our live event video production services include live-streaming, event recap films, virtual events, and interactive hybrid productions. 

Event Video Production Made Simple

We've worked with clients ranging from small meetings to live streaming Winnebago's annual product summit. So whether you're looking to connect with small teams or thousands of people, we have the technology and experience to make your conference or event a big success. 

With virtual events, your audience reach is no longer limited by the confines of geography. With our technology, we can stream to any platform from your office, a studio, or on-location anywhere! 

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What we offer

Event Recap Films
On-Location or Remote Broadcasting
Event Technology Support - Streaming, Audio, Lighting, and Post-production
Interactive Hybrid Event Planning
Virtual Set Productions
Project Management & Pre-Production
Session Recordings & Editing
Talent Aquisition

How we can elevate your Live eventS

Live Streaming

From cameras and audio to directing and virtual audience engagement, we've got your live event covered. Choose between live-streamed or pre-recorded formats, or a combination of both. With our versatile technology, we can direct your event on-location or remotely from anywhere - including broadcasting from multiple locations!  

Planning, Media, & Graphics

We spend the time to get to know your vision for the event and collaborate on ideas to make it awesome. Depending on your needs, we can provide everything from your event website, attendee registration, communication management, and the creation of photo, video, and graphic assets.
Virtual Event Production Streaming Service

Post-Event Recap and Editing

Once your virtual event production is over, we'll provide you with a recap of engagement analytics. You'll be given complete recordings of the event for archive and reposting.

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Create an Experience

We're focused on creating innovative experiences to help you cut through the noise.


We leverage the platforms and tools at the forefront of the virtual event industry with Virtual Sets, projection mapping, digital event software, and interactive tools for your audience to engage with you! 


We handle it all with an excellent crew of professionals to take care of video, lighting, audio, streaming software, etc. 


You don't have to go out and build an elaborate stage or set for your event. You can choose from a library of immersive sets with virtual sets or have a custom-designed virtual set made for your event!


If you need a landing spot for your digital event, we have various tools to get your event online, whether it's a conference, activation, product launch, or concert. We can also create a post-event e-ticket option for your audience to purchase sessions after the event is over.


Your event doesn't have to be limited to just one place. We can produce your event with streams from multiple locations nearly anywhere globally.


We'll bring your vision to life with graphic design, video production, presentation design, set design, and run-of-show.


Frequently Asked questions

Where can my event be hosted?
We can broadcast your event to almost any platform you can imagine. Content can be streamed live to social media sites, YouTube, Vimeo, or our virtual event platforms. 
Can you help me monetize my event?
Yes! We can set up a complete registration and virtual event production platform that will require your attendees to register and purchase access to your event. Additionally, we can create a post-event ticketing system to buy access to the event recordings.
How interactive can an event/conference be? 
We're all about creating extraordinary experiences for your audiences. We have a few platform options to choose from to host your event where attendees can access meet-and-greet experiences, interact with hosts, and build community while attending your event.
Can I have multiple presenters in different locations? 
Yes! We can simultaneously broadcast multiple remote presenters from anywhere in the world. If you're looking for better quality, we can provide them with a high-quality production kit or even have a full remote film crew on-location with them. 

Let's make your event Awesome

We're your creative partner, crew, and guide. Connect with us below and we'll be in touch! 
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