February 6, 2019

Video marketing trends for 2019

How much video is enough? According to Entrepreneur.com, video is the most entertaining and addicting form of online content.  Google reports that half of YouTube subscribers age 18 to 34 would stop what they were doing to watch a new video from a creator whose work they enjoy. But video trends are constantly changing. To make the most of your social media marketing, get in step with 2019's trendiest video applications.

Vlogg Away

Vloggers film and immediately post various daily activities from the mundane, like selecting their socks, to the unusual, like hiking to a scenic spot -- or eating snails -- or sighting a celebrity. It's all news to vloggers and their viewers. If your company vlogs, viewers will form a closer connection. You'll need a YouTube channel, a marketing pro who knows which vlogs create the greatest impact, and a professional videographer. Amature vlogs are fun for the family, but they can degrade your marketing efforts.

Live from our Company

Live video for businesses is predicted to grow even more in 2019. According to a Facebook report, in 2018 people watched Facebook Live broadcasts four times as often as they did in 2017. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. The personalization of real-time broadcasting with invitations to join the conversation and to ask questions makes viewers more likely to extend their electronic visits. This platform boosts brand awareness particularly when webinars, interviews, and question and answer sessions are added. This is a great way to introduce new products. Consult the pros when you incorporate this into your marketing plan. The video needs to stay on message, reinforce your brand, and incorporate creative sessions that change frequently to hold viewers' interest.

Tell Stories

The cavemen would tell us that stories shared around a fire were an engaging and entertaining part of their day. Stories are still important around campfires and around the electronic world. A video of someone telling a story into the camera is captivating. According to Wista, this will be a big trend in marketing this year. Think thought leadership content that is fun to watch and easy to learn. Use a good storyteller to shape the message, and use a professional videographer so the viewer will get the most out of the experience. This is not the place for amateur video and its distractions.

Send Video Emails

You know they do it: scan emails with a finger poised above the delete button. You probably do it, too. Adding a video to your email makes your message stand out. Put "Video" in your subject line to increase the number of your emails that are opened. Video thumbnails lead to more clicks than plain links. Video emails are a growing trend because they work. Some employees are adding videos to their signature. This increased personalization makes a reader more likely to read the message. It is harder to delete a face than it is to delete a page of verbiage.

Move Your Ads To YouTube

This year, more companies will be using YouTube ads than the more expensive TV ads. According to Forbes, YouTube reaches more people 18 and older during prime time than any cable network. As for the up and coming generation, when was the last time you saw a teenager who did not have a phone in his hand or pocket? This is great news for companies given the high price of prime time TV ads.

Video marketing is expected to increase in importance for the bottom line of businesses. Please contact us to learn how our team will bring twenty years of combined experience in video production to your marketing programs. We stay on top of the trends so your efforts will have the greatest impact.

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