February 4, 2022

The 12 types of videos every business needs

Why you Need video for your business

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tactic that many of us already know can be incredibly impactful for a business. Creating and using videos on social media, YouTube, and other channels is an incredibly powerful strategy that can be used to attract and engage with an audience. Figuring out how to leverage video for your marketing strategy can be a challenge, so we made this list of types of video every business can use to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Brand Films

Brand films are an excellent tool for capturing your audience's attention without trying to push a sale. With these videos the aim is to connect with your customers on an emotional level so that they build a connection with your brand. We do this through telling the stories of people impacted by your brand with the goal of showing your viewer what you could also do for them.


76% of adults have made a purchase after watching a video. When researching a product or service online, users are looking for validation that what they're buying is worth the investment. One of the best ways to show value is through customer testimonial videos, where users can see a real person speak to their experience with your brand.

Promotional Videos

When you only have a few moments to get the attention of a potential customer, a direct promotional video helps make that quick pitch. A promotional video highlights the specific selling points and benefits of your service/product, and then drives your viewer to action.

Live Streams

Live streaming has been a popular tool for marketers for a long time, however it became even more essential in the past few years with the pandemic. Livestreaming to social media is a great way for small businesses to interact directly with their users and put a face to the business. Virtual events have become increasingly more important for connecting with audiences while travel and gatherings are difficult. As our world has realized how much more accessibility this technology provides, streaming will continue to be an integral part of both social media strategy and events.

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Internal Training Videos

For businesses with repetitive tasks, continuing education requirements, or large number of employees, internal training videos can be a great tool for reducing strain on your staff. This can be helpful for employee onboarding, safety trainings, continuing education for licensing, IT, and so much more.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great for landing pages, marketing emails, or your product information pages. Explainers are concise and direct videos that help explain the benefits of your product or service. These are also great for entrepreneurs who are pitching their ideas for investments or new customers. Explainer videos can even boost conversion rates by up to 20%.

Support / How to Videos

You can provide value to your customers with how-to videos that go along with your product, and better yet, reduce the workload on your support staff. This can include things like how to setup a product, basic troubleshooting, software walk-throughs, onboarding videos, etc. Think through the repetitive questions your teams receive and if a video could help answer those questions.

Company Culture Videos

A company culture video can be directed at two distinct audiences - your customers and your employees. Customers are becoming more interested in making sure the companies they buy from are ethical. Potential employees want to know what their life will be like working for your company. Current employees can be encouraged through seeing how the company is building a culture that they can stand behind.

Video Voicemails

Email marketing can get buried in your customer's inbox, or even worse just completely ignored. Creating a personal video for your recipient is a great way to increase your click-through rate and engage them directly. With tools like SoapBox from Wistia, it's really easy to record and send these videos. They even create a GIF from your recording to capture their attention.

Video Series

Platforms like YouTube and Netflix are making episodic content more and more popular. Think about the interesting stories that your business might have to tell, or things that could be unique about your customers. A video series can be a highly impactful way to connect and engage with your audience. One of our favorites was the One, Ten, One Hundred Series from Wistia.


Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos are all about humanizing your brand to your customers. This could be a peak behind the curtain at your creation process, manufacturing, or day-to-day at the office. This can be something professionally produced or even just some quick video clips from your iPhone.

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