Make Video Work For Your Brand

Video is the BEST way to engage your prospects and convert them into your ideal clients. Without a solid plan in place, you risk wasting time and money, and having an video that is ineffective.

Book A Workshop!

Clarify your messaging

With clear messaging for your project, and your team on the same page, your video will reach your target audience!

Get A Roadmap

Using our expertise in video marketing and story-telling, we'll develop a smart strategy and storyline for your video.

Save Time 

Give us two hours, and most of your work is done! We'll do the heavy-lifting to create a blueprint, while you can focus on your job! 

When you work our Storytelling Workshop:

  • We'll come to your workplace, or host a virtual meeting, and buy lunch for you and your team
  • Spend two-hours diving deep into the stories your brand has to tell that are captivating and inspirational for your audience
  • Leverage our experience in video marketing and storytelling to guide you through what works and what falls flat. 
  • Give all stakeholders the chance to weigh-in, and come to an agreement on the strategy moving forward
  • We'll put together a blueprint for your video which will be production-ready
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