October 18, 2017

Our Demo Reel

We started Spero Labs with the dream of creating amazing cinematic content for our clients.  We wanted to bring new life to the tired world of production and become one of the top A  We chose "labs" to be part of our name because we believe in leading the way with technology, production techniques, and are continuously experimenting to stay on the forefront of relevancy.  Our team of creative visionaries and collaborators have taken on projects for amazing clients such as Dropbox, Dell, Favor, Winnebago, and many others. Our executive producer, Ashley, brought her vast network of collaborators and extensive history as a producer in the media world.  James, our director photography, brought his background in film and photography to develop a distinct style for Spero.

We're excited to present our Demo Reel, which is the culmination of our favorite projects and shots over the past few years

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