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We understand the needs of public safety brands and organizations. Let us help you reach your goals with creative video production. 
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Public safety videos need an Upgrade

We understand the public safety sector

Our founder is a firefighter in Austin, TX. After working in the video production industry for 13 years, James started a career as a firefighter and has continued to pursue his passion for helping people and running StoryChef with a strong team of creatives. 

There are thousands of public safety videos, training films, continuing education courses, and marketing videos for brands. If you've spent any time in the industry watching this kind of content, it's time for an upgrade. We help public safety organizations and brands create quality public safety video content for promoting, training, and educating their audiences.
firefighter public safety video

Types of Public Safety Videos

Public safety covers a huge span of content needs. Here are just a few ideas:
Organization Brand Films
Continuing Education Course Videos
Training Videos for first responders
Documentary Films 
B-Roll for PR & Media 
Episodic Content 
Social Media Videos

Why StoryChef?

StoryChef Media isn't like most video production companies - we take the time to get to know you and your organization. We have over a decade of video production experience producing video content for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have you covered for everything from filming in-studio, in the field, or episodic productions

Pre-Production Planning, Production, and Post-Production Project Management
On-Location filming with multiple cameras
Live Streaming
Remote Interviews
Episodic Content
Location booking and coordination
Videos optimized for web, social media, or screens.

"James and the StoryChef team are fantastic to work with. We have partnered with them on various projects from e-course filming, brand videos, commercials and speaker reels. They are great at partnering to craft vision and execute with excellence."

Paige Velasquez Budde

CEO - Zilker Media


We're your creative partner, crew, and guide. Connect with us below and we'll be in touch! 

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