Roadwire Brand Films and Campaign Videos

We were approached by our friends at Alter Endeavors about creating a unique, comedy-driven brand film with personality, we were really excited. Roadwire Leather is a third-generation, family owned leather interiors company located here in Austin, TX. 

Alter in association with Chief Outsiders, were in the process of adding a more B2C focused brand for the company, which in the past has primarily been a B2B business. Alter Endeavors wanted to create a few videos for this project to be a part of the Roadwire website experience.
The three videos we helped create were an Installation Process Video, Company History Video, and their brand film. They brought us the brand film concept and collaborated to make it production ready including logistics and casting. 
For production, we filmed over two days at the installation center, corporate offices, and a rented AirBNB which gave us the perfect location for the brand film. 

If you haven’t watched the brand film above yet, I highly recommend it! The concept revolved around the real feel and smell of quality leather, and tying that in with the best smells in life... In this case, breakfast. We filmed with a full crew at a ranch “bunk house” style AirBNB that gave our character the rustic feel that the script called for. 

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