May 14, 2019

How Video Can Help Lighten the Load on Your Customer Service Team

Video is quickly becoming the preferred method of marketers globally. However, marketing is just one aspect of how video helps organizations succeed. Customer Service Representatives can also benefit from the utilization of various forms of video.

Experts report that an astonishing 72 percent of customers "would rather use a video to learn about a product or service." If your CSR's are stretched too thin, your customer service can falter, resulting in less customer loyalty and poor employee morale. That's why integrating video into your brand, is an effective way to lighten the load on your customer service team.

Types of Videos

There are many different types of videos used for video marketing, however certain types that help with marketing can also boost your customer service. Educational

These types of videos are primarily "how-to" or tutorial videos on products or services. Customers appreciate being able to access simple guides that teach them how to do things. This can significantly reduce the number of calls CSRs need to take.


A Frequently Asked Questions video answers your customer service team's most frequent inquiries. An open discussion with your existing customer service team can help you determine which questions are most common.


Videos that explain the story of your organization are powerful ways of establishing a new level of intimacy and connection with your customers. By showing them how your employees balance work and life and what kind of company culture your organization espouses, you develop a different kind of relationship with customers. Check out this video we created for Opcity!

Product Reviews

Reviews are powerful ways to not only educate customers on how to use products, but also provide insights and information as to the effectiveness of the products or services.


Customer testimonials are a great way to establish credibility, but they can also help consumers to choose between various products and services, based on what other customers are saying.

On average, 60 percent of customers who call customer service for inquiries will hang up if they are put on hold for one minute. This is where videos improve your customer service by providing instant access to answers and reducing frustration and hang-ups from your customers.

Spero Labs is committed to working with their clients to produce the best quality videos for their needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get your videos out there and improve your customer service.

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