March 29, 2019

Four videos that every new product needs

In this digital age, every vlogger and half of his audience are posting hastily thrown together videos of everything from cooking their breakfast to the laundry list of complaints about their latest online purchase, hashtags included (of course). For product development teams, this free marketing can be a boon, but, many self-styled "how-to" videos can also be a curse. To get a leg up and protect your launch, here are four videos that product developers should create for each new release:

Introduction Promotional Video

It dices, it slices, it makes fresh gelato – but wait, there's more! Faced with the cheesy infomercial of the past, most consumers today would roll their eyes, but well done promotional videos remain an effective marketing tool for a reason. Humans are very visual beings. When a consumer runs an internet search for a product, they are more likely to click on the video link that comes up in the search results before they choose one of the websites to begin their research, and that makes them more likely to buy the product in the video – especially if it has a purchase link.

Unboxing and Set-up

Disassembling retail packaging can be challenging at the best of times. In the case of crumbly Styrofoam blocks with accessories hidden in secret compartments, well, it's not the best of times. Then there is the increased risk of the consumer inadvertently discarding pieces which, of course, the manufacturer ends up replacing. By preparing a step-by-step unboxing and set-up video, you serve three purposes:

  1. You provide easy, concise instructions to locate all of the pieces of the product, thereby reducing the number of replacement parts that have to be sent out.
  2. You have a link that you can include on your website and marketing material which should decrease the number of calls, emails, and chats that your customer service department has to field.
  3. You (hopefully) beat out the hack reviewer who posts a video of the staged nightmare he had unboxing his purchase.

Proper Use and Care

A detailed video showing the proper way to assemble, use, and clean a new product serves three purposes.

  1. It helps to encourage purchases by customers who are researching before they buy.
  2. It reduces the number of "how do I" calls, emails, and chats, freeing up your customer service people to deal with other issues.
  3. It reduces warranty claims by consumers who didn't understand the included user manual.

Standard Troubleshooting

The importance of a standard troubleshooting video can't be overstated. Begin with any known concerns listed in the user manual and update as new bugs are reported to save on customer service headaches.

By releasing these four videos in advance of each new product release, you can significantly increase your new release publicity and get off on the right foot! To find out how the professionals at Spero Labs can help you put your new product in the spotlight, contact us today!

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