June 11, 2022

Creating Fans & Solving Pain Points with Video

We're in the video production business because we know how much of a positive impact it can create for a business. For example, 78% of marketers who use video say it directly helped them increase sales. The most common request we get from clients is for a general promo video for their company, service, or product to check off the box of "we need a video." However, we know that video works wonders for a business when designed to work with your goals. We will cover some areas we discuss with our clients when planning a video campaign.

Creating fans 

jeremy bezanger 9k gCYLoH2g unsplashWhether you're a service-based business or selling items on Etsy, video is an incredible asset for creating your audience of loyal fans. 54% of internet users want to see more videos from the brands they follow. These types of videos are great for social media purposes and should be placed strategically on your website in the places where people are looking to learn more about you and your brand. 

Branded content is another tool that creates loyal followers for your brand. Two brands that produce great branded content are Wistia and MailChimp. Both companies have libraries of series, podcasts, and interviews made for entertaining their users without trying to make a sale. In fact, with most of their content, they aren't even really talking about their brand. My favorite is the "One, Ten, One Hundred" series from Wistia. The series follows a production company through making content at three very different budget levels and speak to the pain points of creatives and marketers with ways to overcome those issues. 

Solving pain points

Video is the perfect tool to reduce support requests, customer phone calls, and create a better customer experience. One of my favorite examples is a video we worked on for a local Emergency Room company. The video is played for patients during the discharge process to explain the next steps and what to expect with medical billing. The ER's most significant pain point was patients getting a statement from the insurance company explaining the charges and what they COULD owe out-of-pocket. The statement says, "This is not a bill," but patients frequently don't see that information and call in a panic. So instead of creating a typical "corporate" video, we created a light-hearted script with a touch of humor to explain their process and reduce the burden on their patient advocate team. 

For our clients, we often ask what pain points they have with their customers. For example, consider items such as billing processes, repetitive questions, a need for educational videos for a product, etc. Creating an educational series of videos for new customers helps speed up onboarding and reduce support requests. Filming a "get to know me" video for your customer-facing staff can help build trust early on. We've also created culture videos for hiring teams to send to applicants to reduce the time they spend (10-15 minutes a call) trying to explain what the company does. 

Consider your business - what are some of the areas your spend significant amounts of time? Could that area be addressed with a video?

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