June 24, 2020

Filming an online course: The Basic Gear

Basic Gear Film Online CourseWhen considering filming an online course, you’ll want to consider how to create quality content. Your audience, especially if they’re paying for content are going to expect decent quality video.

Filming an online course

Whether it’s for your primary e-course content, webinars, or coaching calls, you should consider getting higher quality equipment to make your video content look great! That said, don't go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on camera equipment and take the following as only a suggestion. This post is all about creating filming an online course on a budget so that you can maximize your profits and upgrade to a better kit later!


Filming an online course with an iPhone

You have an incredibly powerful tool in your pocket to record video - your iPhone. Pair that with an app like Filmic Pro, and you're off to a great start. 

If you’re just using your webcam, you’ll need some kind of recording software. We’d recommend using Loom which is free and really simple to use.

The next step up will be to get a higher quality webcam for your computer. You can get a decent quality webcam for about $50 or our recommendation the Logitech C920S ($172). 

Audio microphone For Online Course RecordingAudio

Viewers can usually handle video that isn’t the best quality, but they certainly won’t tolerate bad audio. For the best audio, you’ll want to be close to the mic and in a room that doesn't have a lot of echo.

If you’re looking for a good microphone for your computer, our favorite is the Blue Yeti USB Mic ($127).

If you're filming with your phone, you can pick up a Rode smartLav+($90) that simply plugs into the headphone jack and will sound far superior to the built-in phone microphone. Another great option is the JOBY Wavo Mobile Compact On-Camera Microphone($40) which will allow you to go without a wire.

To support your phone while you record, use a desktop tripod like the Joby GripTight Smartphone Camera Flexible Tripod($50). 

simon abrams k T9Zj3SE8k unsplash


The sun is a great free light source you can use to improve your video quality - start out filming near a window to get natural light. 

If you want to invest in a quality light setup for your desk, you can buy a desktop light panel for a little under $100. You’ll want a light that is bright and has a diffuser on the front to make the light softer. Bring the panels within a few feet of where you’ll be sitting. Raise the lights up so they're pointed down at you at about a 45-degree angle, and adjust the brightness so you’re not too bright in the frame.

Ready to hit record?

This should set you on your way to recording quality videos for your online course! We’ll address more expensive / higher quality camera setups in a later post. Don’t get too caught up in the gear, especially as you’re getting started. Focus on creating quality content and building your audience and you can always upgrade your gear as you go on.

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