We Make Your Brand Shine

We are filmmakers, editors, marketers, and creatives, ready to take on your brand to help you reach your audience and grow your brand. 

Professional video made fun and simple

StoryChef Media is a video production company in Austin, Texas, specializing in helping businesses and organizations tell their story using the power of creative video marketing.

Why did we choose "StoryChef" as our name? Because we believe that great videos are made with a process that includes using the ingredients of storytelling, much like master chefs use for creating great dishes. We work with our clients to learn their flavor, mix marketing ingredients, and create visual masterpieces that will keep their customers coming back for more and buzzing about their brand in the same way we can’t stop eating and buzzing about queso. I mean, really, that stuff is delightful... and your brand can be, too!


Trusted by these great companies

These are just a few of our incredible clients

Our Process


We take time to explore your brand, customer journey, and marketing goals so that we can create a customized plan for your video marketing.


Our crew goes to work executing your new strategy, creating quality and engaging video content that makes your brand look amazing. 

Distribute and Promote

Your video content is distributed to your target audience across social media, advertising networks, and wherever else your audience is.

Meet the Team

Founder | Producer

James Headrick

Creative Director

Sean Richards

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