November 1, 2018

4 types of video your business needs

Looking to utilize the power of quality videos to boost your brand and attract new customers? Here are four types of videos every business must have in order to grow their business.

1. The Brand Film

One of the best videos that tops our list is the Brand Film. This video is a captivating format that tells your story and helps customers connect with you. This tells your unique story and lets your customers see your product or service as something they can relate with.


2. Product Showcase Video

The second type of video your business needs is a product showcase. This is a video that's specific to your services or product offerings. Your customers will get a sense of features and benefits and see them in action.


3. Testimonial Video

Third, are customer testimonial videos. Providing social proof to your customers is an incredibly powerful tool.  This kind of video will allow your customers to share why they love your business while connecting potential customers to your services or products. These videos are very useful for social media and website usage.

4. Educational Video

Educational videos can be a great tool to provide support to your customers and attract others in need of your services. People in need often go to YouTube or search when they need help.  These videos are also helpful for internal purposes to reduce the need for repetitive training or hands-on demonstrations.


Ready to find out how video can benefit your business? Contact us to get started!


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