April 5, 2019

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Landing Page Videos Convert More Viewers

Video is the wave of the future, and as SEOPressor points out, it's only growing more popular with every passing year. If you're a savvy company, then you likely put two and two together and made sure your landing page has video content on it to welcome visitors to your site. That's certainly a step in the right direction, but if you want to increase your conversion rate then you should also incorporate the following advice.

#1: Keep it Clean, Crisp, and Clear

Having a video is important, but it's equally important to make sure both your video and the site around it are clean, crisp, and clear. A site that's too busy in terms of pattern, color scheme, buttons, text, etc. will both look confusing, and take longer to load. Time is precious when you're making your first impression on a visitor, and you need to ensure you make the best impression you can as quickly as you're able.

#2: Offer Your Visitors Something Special

Everyone loves a deal, and according to SitePoint it's one of the best things you can do to push visitors over the end into becoming customers. Whether you're offering someone a discount on their shopping experience, or a free trial of your service, this can get your foot in the door, and get people clicking yes instead of back.

#3: Provide an Immediate Call To Action

If your video is engaging, it will get people to stop and watch. Don't let their attention go to waste. Instead, provide an immediate call to action that they can follow through on. Make it as easy for them as possible, by either telling them where on the screen they need to click or by having buttons appear in the video to prompt their action. If you tell them what to do with your video, you'll get much better results in the long run.

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